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"I've worked with Cameron on the TV show 'A Place Of Our Own' and he always gets the best shots and lights his interviews beautifully. It's always a pleasure to work with him and his crew. He gets the job done professionally and with flair."

Joe Some

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Throughout my 22 year career in video production I have always enjoyed the process of bringing a project from a concept to the final polished creative piece. Collaborating with my clients and other talented peers remains my goal here at Cameron Mitchell Productions. Through this passion and commitment we contribute to telling each business' story knowing that each business has a unique story to tell. Each of our clients deserves a custom approach to sharing that idea with videos we produce for them. We bring those stories to life by producing the most imaginative videos possible. With the unlimited distribution potential of the internet the entire world can see your company and what it has to offer.

Cameron Mitchell Productions brings the best of high definition production services to a large variety of our clients in the industries of television, documentary and web content video. We believe in fine craftsmanship throughout the production process and it shows in the superb quality of all of our productions and photography services. One of our specialties is producing videos for our clients' websites while meeting and exceeding their needs in developing a viable, exciting and creative marketing piece for them.

We take your ideas and needs and bring that enlightened vision to life. We provide all the services required from pre-production, production, and post-production services. Cameron and his team of specialists can provide concept development, scriptwriting and provide the full crew required to make your idea a success! Throughout the production phase, a Director of Photography, camera person, director, audio technician, grips and production assistants can all be implemented to meet your productions budget.

On the post production side of things we use some of the best editors around and state-of-the-art editing systems available and can provide you with animation, music, and a narrator if desired. If you need an on-camera host we can also set up auditions for actors to help find the just right talent for your production. Cameron Mitchell Productions associates include directors, writers, videographers, editors and any other experts you might require - all with a wide range of talents honed by decades of experience in the world of video and film production.

At Cameron Mitchell Productions we also offer a full range of photography services. We can take care of all of your photography needs from portraits to location production stills and even product photography. We can incorporate photography stills into your video production or you can use them for your hard-copy marketing needs.

With over twenty two years experience in the industry we know what it takes to produce a high quality, visually stimulating and eye-catching product. We bring style and panache to your company's videos from a thirty second clips to three minute high energy commercial pieces. From start to finish, we can help you launch your project concept into a beautiful, well-crafted finished production. We take pride in our work and integrity in helping our clients achieve the highest production value tailored to their resources.

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