Ancient Peaks Winery

"What a wonderful video Cameron Mitchell Productions created for our winery. He worked closely with all of our staff. Wrote, directed and shot beautiful footage of our winery and tasting room. He put it all together with his team of experts and told our story and about our award winning wines. The HD imagery is gorgeous."

Karl Wittstrom, Owner
Amanda Wittstrom, Marketing

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For over twenty-two years I have worked in the entertainment industry excelling in producing beautiful imagery as a Director of Photography and Cameraman in film and television. My love of the visual arts goes back to my passion for photography. The very first time that I ever used a still camera to capture an image both distinct and unique to me, I knew that creating visual art was for me.

How I see something makes the process more exciting, be it a nature scene or an abstract close up. Creating different and timeless images is what I strive for in all of my work; so I've really been thinking of, and making images in interesting ways for many years.

Along the way I've had the good fortune to always be moving forward while applying new ideas and skills sets to all of my work in both photography and video production. This has included work on television reality shows, entertainment, travel and cooking shows; commercials, music concerts, corporate projects, documentaries, and even hard news. From each job endeavor I've learned and gained valuable experiences that encourage and challenge me as a Director of Photography / Cameraman and as a Producer / Director. My passion for creative excellence continues with each new production.

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