The Abalone Farm

"Wow! what a fantastic video ! The imagery that Cameron caught was incredible and very creative. He see's things in such a unique way that made our product Abalone look amazing. His concept of Abalone and the Central Coast as a healthy lifestyle hit the mark. Perfect!!!!"

Brad Buckley
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Cameron Mitchell Productions will provide you a consultation with all of the basic information that you and your company would need to enlighten and inform you in getting your production started. Simply provide us what your goals are for your production. The estimated total running time your video would be along with the degree of production value you'd like to accomplish in it. Also provide us with your estimated budget and after speaking in person we can provide you with a proposed budget cost analysis for your project.

Cameron Mitchell Productions brings high definition video production to the wine, food and hospitality industry. We can write, shoot, edit and produce a beautiful high definition commercial style feature video that showcases everything about your product and your business for your web site and many other marketing venues. We're experts at shooting imaginative, beautiful imagery of your place of business, We conduct interviews with key personnel, staff and even your clients. Music, narration are all incorporated to create and exciting and informative video experience. Depending on your needs these videos can be used to promote the uniqueness of your business and products.

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There are many possible venues for presenting your videos:
  • Your Tasting Room
  • Your web site
  • Trade shows
  • Materials for Distributors or as a DVD presentation in your marketing kits
All of this can enhance your company's image, inform old customers and inspire new ones. Video is a powerful medium for telling your company's story, its history, it's philosophy, and what makes it special. Your new promotional web content video is easily embedded into your web site. We can also offer consulting on how to do just that.

At Cameron Mitchell Productions we can offer full crewing options to meet your productions needs. We make it simple - just let us know if you need a cameraman, an audio person, grip or lighting crew members and we can provide you with a full- or half-day rate quote for each position you may require or a package price for the crew you need.

Cameron's twenty plus years experience as a Director of Photography/cameraman will provide your production with imaginative and artistic images for you - be it covering a red carpet Hollywood event, a documentary or shooting your commercial for your web site. Our production company looks forward to working with you. Go to our Client Resources page which contains an Crews and Equipment Rate Card and our Crew Terms and Conditions.

Our studio offers a full range of photography services. We shoot on the best HD still photography cameras and shoot studio and creative environmental portraits for you or your business. Our Photography services can also be utilized in your HD video production to get those extra shots that can be used in a myriad of applications for the video and hard copy uses. We can shoot stills of your products and other elements that your company may require for marketing or for your portfolio. Please advise what your photography needs are and we can consult with you to meet those needs. All of our services are available throughout the state of California. Click Here for our Photography Services price schedule. Click Here for pricing on our Art Prints.

We offer the following Photography services:
  • Location Production Photography
  • Product photography
  • Environmental Portraits
  • Studio Portraits
  • Promotional and marketing
  • Sports Photography
  • Portfolios/Headshots/Fashion
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